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Going Rouge

Well this Book Cover pretty much says it all…

Going Rouge - An American Nightmare

From ORBooks website, the following summary…

The most honest, revealing account of the Palin story to appear this fall? You betcha!

“Sarah Palin has many faces: hockey mom, fundamentalist Christian, sex symbol, Republican ideologue, fashion icon, “maverick” populist. But, above all, Palin has become one thing: an American obsession that just won’t go away. Edited by two senior editors at The Nation magazine, this sharp, smart, up-to-the-minute book examines Palin’s quirky origins in Wasilla, Alaska, her spectacular rise to the effective leadership of the Republican Party, and the nightmarish prospect of her continuing to dominate the nation’s political scene.”


According to Richard Kim one of the editors along with Betsy Reed, this book is a colaberation of featured “essays” of Palin from 23 writers and is not intended to be a parody. The following people along with Kim and Reed are:

Max Blumenthal, Joe Conason, Eve Ensler, Michelle Goldberg, Jane Hamsher, Christopher Hayes, Jim Hightower, Linda Hirshman, Naomi Klein, Dahlia Lithwick, Amanda Marcotte, Shannyn Moore, John Nichols, Tom Perrotta, Katha Pollitt, Hanna Rosin, Matt Taibbi, Michael Tomasky, Rebecca Traister, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jessica Valenti, Patricia Williams, JoAnn Wypijewski and Gary Younge.

Congratulations on the vision and expediency of these people for getting this book out there and available and congratulations to ORBooks for sticking your neck out there as I’m sure you’ll receive some letters and phone calls from Palin’s pathetic attorneys.

Will this outsell the Original? You Betcha’!

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