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About Palin

The Retard Quitter!

Yes we all enjoy freedom of speech to express our ideas and feelings, but there comes a point when freedom of speech clearly crosses the line by instigating violence, hatred, and racism among other things.

Sarah Palin - America's Cancer

This woman has no core values other than to cry when someone says something about her kids, who she parades around.

She is a deadly cancer upon this country and nation and she stands for nothing and is nothing but a money grabbing, lying hypocrite.

She is clearly and precariously on the verge of committing treason which will land her in prison, as her Facebook page is all the evidence that is needed to have her tried and convicted for treason, especially if she continues down this path. The only funny thing here is, she is clearly incriminating herself and providing all the evidence needed by her continued rants on Facebook and Twitter and she’s too stupid to even realize it… Her day is quickly approaching.

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