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Tea Baggers

What TeaPublicans Want!

Tea Party Debt Talks

Tea Party = Destruction of the USA

Since the Tea Party/Republicans Want Smaller Government and Do NOT Want to Pay Taxes, the following Federal, State, and Local Services and Benefits are No Longer available to them or You and I for that matter, as we just saw how they affected the Debt Ceiling and caused the Credit Downgrade.  Given this, WE ALL hereby forfeit the following benefits and services that Our tax dollars use to pay…

Medical & Retirement

  • No Medicare
  • No Medicaid
  • No Social Security

Educational Services

  • The End of Public Schools
  • The End of Public Universities
  • The End of Pell Grants
  • The End of Student Loans

Public Services

  • No access to public roads, highways, or interstates
  • No more repairs to the roads and highway systems
  • The end of Public transportation
  • The end of Public Restrooms, Parks, Playgrounds, and Swimming facilities
  • The end of Public Museums, Zoos, Monuments, Beaches, and National Parks
  • The end of Public Libraries
  • The end of City water and Sewage Treatment
  • No City Services ending things like traffic lights, winter plowing, & street repair
  • The end of City Garbage collection and landfill management

Citizen Safety

  • No 911 Emergency Services
  • No Police, Sheriff, Marshal, State Troopers
  • No Fire, Paramedics
  • No Homeland Security, TSA
  • No Coast Guard
  • No US Border Patrol
  • No Federal & State Prisons, Local Detention Jails


  • Ineligibility to be part of the Armed Forces
  • No Military to defend the borders of the United States
  • End of the GI Bill & Veteran’s Benefits

Food, Medicine & Health

  • No FDA so any drugs, even untested drugs, will be available to anyone
  • No USDA so the food we consume can be contaminated with poison & diseases
  • No Regulations on Food Markets & Restaurants allowing contamination & poisoning
  • No EPA so Air and Water will be contaminated, contaminating the food supply
  • End of the CDC allowing any germ or diseases like Ebola to enter the country
  • The end of Federal Research for new diseases, viruses, and cures
  • The end of the Consumer Protection Agency and the testing of foreign made goods
  • No licensing of Doctors allowing anyone to “practice” medicine

Legal Services

  • No protection in the Judicial Process or even basic human rights
  • No access to Court Appointed Lawyers, You will need to defend Your own rights
  • The end of the US Patent System and Your work & Your ideas can now be stolen
  • The end of Copyright Protection, again Your work & Your ideas can now be stolen
  • The end of Child Adoption creating a need for Orphanages all over the country

Disaster Services

  • The end of FEMA which aids people in the wake of natural disasters
  • The end of the National Weather Service & early warnings on Hurricanes & Tornados

Communication Services

  • No Mail Service
  • No FCC which will end Telephone, Cell Phones, & the Internet
  • No Regulations on Broadcast Radio
  • No Regulations on Broadcast Television allowing any content any time of the day

Foreign Services

  • The end of US Embassies & Citizen protection in foreign countries
  • The end of Foreign Travel as no immigration & passport services

Employment & Jobs

  • No Federal, State, or Local Jobs
  • No Government Grants to Start a Business
  • No Government Contracts will be awarded
  • No Unemployment Benefits
  • No Workplace Safety Protection from OSHA
  • No Worker’s Compensation when Injured on your job
  • The end of Minimum Wage Protection & 40 Hour Work Weeks
  • The end of Sick Days, Vacation Days & Employee Safety


  • No Health Inspectors or Equipment Inspectors (Elevators, Escalators, Gas Pumps)
  • End of NTSA enforcing safety regulations on automobiles, etc.
  • End of the US Currency and the Minting of Coins
  • Airlines and Airplanes will no longer be regulated or inspected for consumer safety
  • The end of Federal Housing & Federal Home Loans to purchase a house
  • The end of the FDIC so that Your bank loans & savings will no longer be insured

Tea Party Poopers

Recapping the Tea Party Carnage

So basically the retirement safety net that you have been paying into all your life will now be gone. Then You will need to pay for your children’s education and transportation to and from school and pay for their school lunches. If You get seriously sick you will need to take yourself to the hospital where unlicensed voodoo doctors will be using untested and potentially poison medications on you. Meanwhile because criminals of all types will be free to roam the streets, they enter your home, rape and kill your wife and daughter and set fire to your house. Since there will be no municipal water or fire protection, you will need to try and put that fire out with a bucket and dirt, the same bucket you shit in, because you have no sewer services. Then since you have no legal recourse as there will be no judiciary system or access to legal services, you decide to leave this 3rd world shit hole for another country where the taxes are much higher than they ever were in the US, just to find out you cannot get a passport to leave the country. But it strikes you that because all criminal types are loose on the streets, you get fake papers to leave the US. Then upon take off to Europe, when you think your nightmare is over, the engines and wings fall off the plane because there were no safety inspectors and you plummet into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the USA. But since there is no Coast Guard, there is no one to rescue you, and you become an evening meal for a Great White Shark.

Lying Stupidity

Michele Bachmann TeaRag Cover

Michele Bachmann – The Epitome!

There are Lying Politicians and then there is Michele Bachmann. Every time this woman opens her mouth in front of a camera, the lies and blatant stupidity roll off her forked tongue faster than a used car salesman trying to close the sale. Paul Broun is the other Republican who lies almost as badly as Michele Bachmann.

The Sad thing here is I’m not sure who is worse, Michele Bachmann or ABC, CBS, and NBC who are blatant cowards when interviewing this woman as they refuse to call out her lies. Recently on The Today Show, Matt Lauer was interviewing Michele Bachmann and she claimed the following:

Michelle Bachmann: “President Obama was the one who extended the Tax Cuts!”

LIE: President Obama wanted to extend the Unemployment Benefits for those who have lost their jobs and it was the Republicans who stated that the only way THEY would agree to provide unemployment extensions would be if the President would agree to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.

Then as the interview proceeded Michele Bachmann tried to lay it on think with the claims that if taxes were increased on the wealthy and on corporations that it would not even affect the deficit. We will touch on this in a minute. There was another part of the interview where Michele Bachmann lied with the inference that President Obama needs to get out of the car business for the tea party inference that the Government is involved in the private sector but she was cut off before she cold make her tea party pitch

Michele Bachmann: “President Obama needs to get out of the car business.”

LIE: The Big Three received funding for a $25 billion government loan during October 2008 to help them re-tool their factories to meet new fuel-efficiency standards of at least 35 mpg-US (6.7 L/100 km; 42 mpg-imp) by 2020. We would like to remind Ms. Bachmann that it was in fact George W. Bush who approved the loans for the American Automakers, Not Barack Obama.

Additionally it was Donald Trump, who is an avid conservative and considering a run for President in 2012 who said this: “I think the government should stand behind them 100 percent,” Trump told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto nearly three years ago. “You cannot lose the auto companies. They’re great. They make wonderful products.”

The Deficit and Taxes

Now in this same interview on the Today Show,  Michele Bachmann stated that increasing the taxes on the Rich and on Corporations will not help to reduce the deficit and she claims that by doing this, it will only provide enough money to run the government for a few months. Additionally, Michele Bachmann blatantly LIED by saying the richest Americans are already paying 45% of their income in taxes.

Effective Tax Rate on US Incomes Over $1 Million

Source: Internal Revenue Service

If we go back to even 1996 as we can see from this chart the tax rate on the wealthiest Americans are 15 points below what Michele Bachmann claims at 45%. As you can see the source for this graph data is the IRS, so just where is SHE getting her data from, FOX News? Since the Bush Tax Cuts were in effect in 2007 this final number of 21.1% is still valid today. Additionally, many wealthy Americans end up paying ZERO Taxes due to all the deductions and exemptions they can take. Here is just one article on the Christian Science Monitor of all places discussing this very issue.

So Michele Bachmann is wildly exaggerating her numbers by over 23% and no one is calling her on it.

So WHY is Michele Bachmann LYING? Why is it a coincidence that the Republicans want to go after Social Security and protect the Wealthy? Well the answer is very easy, as the Republicans are on a crusade to destroy the Middle Class in this country by not only making the Middle Class carry the tax burden for the country, but taking away Social Security and Medicare while protecting the Wealthy. The top 10% in this country does NOT need Social Security or Medicare as they have the money and the means to pay for any medical expenses and to retire comfortably on their wealth and investments. Meanwhile the Middle Class in this country will continue to make less as the Infamous “Trickle Down Economics” give the rich the tax breaks to ship jobs overseas. This of course will leave nothing but service jobs and we are seeing this already.

You have to hand it to the Republicans as it is a well devised plan to eliminate the Middle Class. If you are NOT in the Upper 10% of wage earners in this country, and you vote Republican, You may as well slit your own throat and be done with it!

The Wealthy and Corporations Do Not have Enough Money to Affect the Deficit

The Wealth Distribution in AmericaSo this is Michele Bachmann’s contention that the Wealthy and all the Corporations in this country do not have enough money to help cut the deficit. Instead Michele Bachmann and the Republicans want you to believe that getting the money from “Entitlements” (Social Security & Medicare) is the answer. Why? I’ve already told you why, they want the Middle Class of America GONE.

Charts are provided by Mother Jones.

You need to pay very close attention to these next series of charts starting with this one to the left. So Michele Bachmann wants you to believe is the Rich cannot help reduce the deficit. Looking at this first chart and coming to the understanding that the top 10% of this country holds 2/3 of the countries wealth, it becomes very obvious that Michele Bachmann is flat out LYING to you. How could 2/3 of this country’s wealth not capable of helping to reduce the deficit?

If this cart below cannot show you that Michele Bachmann is lying in biblical proportions, then nothing can help you understand what is going on. Just looking at the magnitude of the wealth disparity between the bottom 90% and the Upper 9% to the Upper 1% over the Upper 9% paints an overwhelming picture. Then keep in mind that the majority of the upper 10% does not really pay taxes.

The Income Reality

These Next Couple of Charts again show the huge disparity in the income in this country and yet Michele Bachmann wants you to believe that the Super Rich do not have enough money to help reduce the deficit.

Out of Balance Income

Finally we can see the other part of the reason why Michele Bachmann and the Republicans do not want to tax the rich and would rather use Social Security and Medicare to pay down the deficit… That WOULD take Money out of THEIR Pockets.

Why Washington is closer to Wall Street than Main Street

Wake Up America! You ARE being systematically Eliminated by the Republicans

Neo Con Constitution Thumpers

Dispatches from TJICistan Blog

Further discussion on the Palin Reload Rhetoric

Shortly after the assassination attempt on Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths of innocent people, the blog page appeared on the web clearly stating “1 down, 534 to go” with the further comments of “It is absolutely, absolutely unacceptable to shoot “indiscriminately.” Target only politicians and their staff, and leave regular citizens alone.”

The Blog in question was owned by Travis Corcoran from Arlington Massachusetts and when the Arlington Police visited his home they found numerous weapons and large amounts of ammunition. Since that time his firearm license has been revoked and the Capitol Police have been notified. CBS Boston reported the story below:

So now, all the NeoCons are rushing to the defense of this person Thumping the Constitution that Travis Corcoran’s 1st and 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights have been violated! Really? Well, perhaps you so called scholars of the US Constitution had better go back to school and take up Constitutional Law before you make such grand claims. Realistically, Mr. Travis Corcoran could very well be guilty of Treason and Insurrection against the United States Government not to mention that his Constitutional Rights were forfeited the moment he issued threats of violence against federal authorities.

Just why is it you Conservative, gun wielding nut jobs feel you all have the rights under the US Constitution  issue threats of violence against other citizens in this country? It does NOT and You all had better wake up to the laws in this country and stop ranting that your “Constitutional Rights” are being trampled on, as it is You All who are violating the laws in this country.

Limits of Freedom of Speech

Does the First Amendment mean anyone can say anything at any time? NO.

The Supreme Court has rejected an interpretation of speech without limits. Because the First Amendment has such strong language, we begin with the presumption that speech is protected. Over the years, the courts have decided that a few other public interests — for example, national security, justice or personal safety — override freedom of speech. There are no simple rules for determining when speech should be limited, but there are some general tests that help.

Clear and Present Danger

Will this act of speech create a dangerous situation? The First Amendment does not protect statements that are uttered to provoke violence or incite illegal action.

Justice Holmes, speaking for the unanimous Supreme Court, stated, “The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

Do you Dipshits feel stupid yet? Again, You NeoCons who wrap yourselves in the Constitution had better start understanding the laws you claim to understand, as people like Travis Corcoran who make threats against the Federal Government WILL NOT be protected by the Constitution and will be convicted of their crimes accordingly.


Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians), and are committed by non-government agencies.

Terrorism has been practiced by a broad array of political organizations for furthering their objectives. An abiding characteristic is the indiscriminate use of violence against noncombatants for the purpose of gaining publicity for a group, cause, or individual (See Tea Party Protest sign above).

Types of Terrorism

In early 1975, the Law Enforcement Assistant Administration in the United States formed the National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals. One of the five volumes that the committee wrote was entitled Disorders and Terrorism, produced by the Task Force on Disorders and Terrorism under the direction of H.H.A. Cooper, Director of the Task Force staff.

Terrorism Tactics

Terrorism is a form of asymmetric warfare, and is more common when direct conventional warfare will not be effective because forces vary greatly in power.

The context in which terrorist tactics are used is often a large-scale, unresolved political conflict. The type of conflict varies widely; historical examples include:

Secession of a territory to form a new sovereign state or become part of a different state

  • Todd Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party (AIP)  and Sarah Palin gave the opening address to the AIP 2008 Convention which is promoting that Alaska becomes an independent nation by seceding from the United States.
  • Several Southern States of the Religious Right have openly promoted Secession from the United States.
  • In 2011 The Arizona Legislature introduce a new bill and the purpose was for the State of Arizona to secede from the United States.
Dominance of territory or resources by various ethnic groups
  • The Alaskan Republican Right led by Sarah Palin has oppressed the native Inuit tribes by promoting Oil Drilling and production for the benefit of the non natives.
  • The GOP and Right has a long history of alignment with Big Oil including starting unjustified wars to not only fuel the War Machine in the USA but to control and dominate the natural resources in the Middle East.
Imposition of a particular form of government
  • After the Election of President Obama the GOP not only refused to cooperate and govern for the good of all (Party of NO).
  • The Radical Right of the GOP formed a grass roots organization called the Tea Party funded by the Koch Brothers.
  • David and Charles Koch are lifelong libertarians and have quietly given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes.
Economic deprivation of a population

  • Tax Breaks and Financial Protection of the upper 1% of the Population including Corporations while continuing to tax the middle and lower class of citizens.
  • Open discussion and comments from the GOP Right and Tea Party about the middle and lower class leaving the USA for Mexico leaving the USA for the Rich.
  • The GOP recently took firm ground that if they were to agree with extending Unemployment benefits for millions of the middle class, that the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans were to be extended and this was the only way. The video proof of “Trickle Down Economics” is above and has been proven over and over that it simply does not work. Holding the middle class of this country hostage for the guarantee that the rich get richer is clearly a move to  economic deprivation of the lower classes.
Religious fanaticism
  • Tea Party was formed by the Religious Right which has history of Extreme Religious Fanaticism

Right-Wing Terrorism

Right-wing terrorism draws its inspiration from a variety of ideologies and beliefs, including neo-fascism, neo-Nazism, racism and opposition to foreigners and immigration. Incidents of this type of terrorism have been sporadic with little or no international cooperation. Their actions are generally poorly coordinated and there are few identifiable organizations. Modern right wing terrorism began to appear in western Europe in the 1980s and in eastern Europe following the collapse of Communism.

  • Since the Election of President Obama, the first Black President the Tea Party was formed and there continues the persistent pursuit and attack of President Obama for his Citizenship and claim that he is a citizen of Kenya and of the Muslim religion.
  • The Religious Right/Tea Party has been attacking the problems of Immigration of foreigners into the United States.
  • The Religious Right/Tea Party have fought and protested the building of a Mosque in lower Manhattan again making an issue of Race, Nationality and Religion
The objective of right-wing terrorism is the overthrow existing governments and their replacement with nationalist or fascist-oriented governments.
  • With the formation of the Radical Right Tea Party funded by Billionaires and the quick rise of candidates for the 2010 Election, this proves beyond question
  • The pseudo leader of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, recently spoke at the Safari Club International and when she got the crowd fired up over the phony prospect that the government, specifically President Obama was going to take their guns, the sick grin from Ms. Palin of hatred for the current administration and the people of the USA made her intentions obvious… Incite Terrorism.

Right-wing terrorists generally are inspired by 19th century and early 20th century nationalist writers such as Arthur de Gobineau, Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Heinrich von Treitschke. The core of this movement includes neo-fascist skinheads, right-wing hooligans, youth sympathizers and intellectual guides who believe that the state must rid itself of foreign elements in order to protect rightful citizens. However, they usually lack a rigid ideology.

  • The Radical Religious Right/Tea Party have been relentless in their pursuit of tighter immigration laws and the deportation of foreign nationals from the United States