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Articles from: August 6, 2011

What TeaPublicans Want!

Tea Party Debt Talks

Tea Party = Destruction of the USA

Since the Tea Party/Republicans Want Smaller Government and Do NOT Want to Pay Taxes, the following Federal, State, and Local Services and Benefits are No Longer available to them or You and I for that matter, as we just saw how they affected the Debt Ceiling and caused the Credit Downgrade.  Given this, WE ALL hereby forfeit the following benefits and services that Our tax dollars use to pay…

Medical & Retirement

  • No Medicare
  • No Medicaid
  • No Social Security

Educational Services

  • The End of Public Schools
  • The End of Public Universities
  • The End of Pell Grants
  • The End of Student Loans

Public Services

  • No access to public roads, highways, or interstates
  • No more repairs to the roads and highway systems
  • The end of Public transportation
  • The end of Public Restrooms, Parks, Playgrounds, and Swimming facilities
  • The end of Public Museums, Zoos, Monuments, Beaches, and National Parks
  • The end of Public Libraries
  • The end of City water and Sewage Treatment
  • No City Services ending things like traffic lights, winter plowing, & street repair
  • The end of City Garbage collection and landfill management

Citizen Safety

  • No 911 Emergency Services
  • No Police, Sheriff, Marshal, State Troopers
  • No Fire, Paramedics
  • No Homeland Security, TSA
  • No Coast Guard
  • No US Border Patrol
  • No Federal & State Prisons, Local Detention Jails


  • Ineligibility to be part of the Armed Forces
  • No Military to defend the borders of the United States
  • End of the GI Bill & Veteran’s Benefits

Food, Medicine & Health

  • No FDA so any drugs, even untested drugs, will be available to anyone
  • No USDA so the food we consume can be contaminated with poison & diseases
  • No Regulations on Food Markets & Restaurants allowing contamination & poisoning
  • No EPA so Air and Water will be contaminated, contaminating the food supply
  • End of the CDC allowing any germ or diseases like Ebola to enter the country
  • The end of Federal Research for new diseases, viruses, and cures
  • The end of the Consumer Protection Agency and the testing of foreign made goods
  • No licensing of Doctors allowing anyone to “practice” medicine

Legal Services

  • No protection in the Judicial Process or even basic human rights
  • No access to Court Appointed Lawyers, You will need to defend Your own rights
  • The end of the US Patent System and Your work & Your ideas can now be stolen
  • The end of Copyright Protection, again Your work & Your ideas can now be stolen
  • The end of Child Adoption creating a need for Orphanages all over the country

Disaster Services

  • The end of FEMA which aids people in the wake of natural disasters
  • The end of the National Weather Service & early warnings on Hurricanes & Tornados

Communication Services

  • No Mail Service
  • No FCC which will end Telephone, Cell Phones, & the Internet
  • No Regulations on Broadcast Radio
  • No Regulations on Broadcast Television allowing any content any time of the day

Foreign Services

  • The end of US Embassies & Citizen protection in foreign countries
  • The end of Foreign Travel as no immigration & passport services

Employment & Jobs

  • No Federal, State, or Local Jobs
  • No Government Grants to Start a Business
  • No Government Contracts will be awarded
  • No Unemployment Benefits
  • No Workplace Safety Protection from OSHA
  • No Worker’s Compensation when Injured on your job
  • The end of Minimum Wage Protection & 40 Hour Work Weeks
  • The end of Sick Days, Vacation Days & Employee Safety


  • No Health Inspectors or Equipment Inspectors (Elevators, Escalators, Gas Pumps)
  • End of NTSA enforcing safety regulations on automobiles, etc.
  • End of the US Currency and the Minting of Coins
  • Airlines and Airplanes will no longer be regulated or inspected for consumer safety
  • The end of Federal Housing & Federal Home Loans to purchase a house
  • The end of the FDIC so that Your bank loans & savings will no longer be insured

Tea Party Poopers

Recapping the Tea Party Carnage

So basically the retirement safety net that you have been paying into all your life will now be gone. Then You will need to pay for your children’s education and transportation to and from school and pay for their school lunches. If You get seriously sick you will need to take yourself to the hospital where unlicensed voodoo doctors will be using untested and potentially poison medications on you. Meanwhile because criminals of all types will be free to roam the streets, they enter your home, rape and kill your wife and daughter and set fire to your house. Since there will be no municipal water or fire protection, you will need to try and put that fire out with a bucket and dirt, the same bucket you shit in, because you have no sewer services. Then since you have no legal recourse as there will be no judiciary system or access to legal services, you decide to leave this 3rd world shit hole for another country where the taxes are much higher than they ever were in the US, just to find out you cannot get a passport to leave the country. But it strikes you that because all criminal types are loose on the streets, you get fake papers to leave the US. Then upon take off to Europe, when you think your nightmare is over, the engines and wings fall off the plane because there were no safety inspectors and you plummet into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the USA. But since there is no Coast Guard, there is no one to rescue you, and you become an evening meal for a Great White Shark.