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“Another Bunch Bites the Dust…”

Endorsed by Stupid Palin

How’s that Hopey, Endorsey, Thingy Workn’ out for Ya?

Oh Ms. Palin… Can it Be? Your Political Endorsements dropping like like flies on a hot summer day? I’m shocked! I thought your Political Endorsements were Golden? But then again chocolate coins are wrapped in golden tin foil which is certainly a great metaphor in this case.

So Let us see the mounting toll shall we?

  • Karen Handel – Georgia
  • Bob McConnell – Colorado
  • “Mama Grizzly” CeCe Heil – Tenneessee
  • Todd Tiahrt – Kansas
  • Cecile Bledsoe – Arkansas
  • Angela McGlowan – Mississippi
  • Vaughn Ward – Idaho
  • Tim Burns – Pennsylvania
  • Doug Hoffman – New York

Ms. Palin, Endorsement Losses are reaching epidemic proportions with you don’t Ya’ Think? Maybe you should be trying a new line of work, LOL!

I found your new Theme Song, but don’t worry, there is always 2012!

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