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Articles from: March 31, 2010

Quitter Palin – Reload

Palin American Quitter Reload

Recently on an expensive family holiday in Hawaii Ms Dunderhead Palin was wanting to travel incognito took an old outdated and ratty sun visor that had “McCain for President” on the visor and this Ditz, as she puts it, ‘I Sharpied out the visor so I could be incognito on holiday…”

LOL So now Miss Palin is continuing to add to her ever expanding hillbilly lingo by converting nouns to verbs. In addition, this starving for attention political wannabe might be fooling herself and the pathetic few who follow their Moosiah, but we all know it was nothing more than an attention getting stunt.

So Ms. Palin You QUIT your Hawaiian Vacation because you feel you are so famous and you could not vacation in complete privacy, or is it you traveled to Hawaii to follow your dipstick belief about the legitimacy of President Obama’s citizenship? Which is it Moosiah?

Quitting is Reaching Epidemic Proportions with You Ms Quitter Reload

Let’s review Ms. Palin’s Quitting Record shall we?

  • Quit the University of Hawaii-Hilo (Well Quit the Registration Process)
  • Quit the Hawaii Pacific University
  • Quit the North Idaho College
  • Quit the University of Idaho
  • Quit the Matanuska-Susitna Community College
  • Quit Wasilla City Council in second term
  • Quit as Chairwoman for Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Quit her run for the US Senate
  • Quit her support for the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • Quit as Alaskan Governor
  • Quit 5K Turkey Trot
  • Quit Hawaiian Vacation
  • Quit as Speaker for the Coalition of Life event
  • Quit as Speaker for the Regan Library fundraiser
  • Quit as Speaker for GOP fundraiser in June 2009
  • Quit signing books on one of the book tour stops

Ms. Palin, How can ANYONE put any trust into a person who quits at the drop of a hat or first sign of difficulty?


Go Home Hockey Mommy… You are Pathetic and a waste of Everyone’s time!